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What results when we come to know God more deeply? We come to know and experience love, because God is love, 1 John Furthermore, know the Holy Spirit is at work in your life right now Ephesians He can do immeasurably more than all you ask or imagine!

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Finally, gathered Christians, the church, gives glory to God. Failure to meet with other Christians is not a legitimate option.

Paul lived for ultimate values , and was willing to go to prison for them. These values are: 1. Life in Christ, 2. Peace and friendship with God, 4. Peace and friendship with believers, 5. Forgiveness in Christ and 7. Resurrection hope. Furthermore, Paul saw his ministry to the Gentiles as a gift from God. Ministry is the flow of grace, undeserved kindness, from God to others! He bridged the separation through the blood of Christ.

The blood of Christ not only unites us to God, it unites us with each other. Christ continues to break down walls of separation. Do not get the picture that you must hide in the closet until Christ has utterly transformed you. I don't want to deviate too far from the topic at hand, but John Calvin addresses this well in his Institutes of the Christian Religion:. The point is to keep seeking a deeper relationship, an ability to sit with Christ, through the four point outlined above: 1.

But you can't hide all the time. It's Monday morning. It's time to get up and go to work. Have your quiet time, do what you do and go. I think we forget just how effective we can be by just living with the Spirit of God on us and in us. Despite horrible setbacks in the first man's life, he is now actively serving at his church. He has moved from rewards in this world to rewards in the next. All I ever did was share what I was doing to get closer to Jesus, and what was happening as a result.

Is that not the gospel? Is that not the good news? The point is that much of walking is living your life in the presence of God. There are times when prayerful attention to God will bring very specific instructions from God, sometimes the instructions can contradict our idea of God's desire.

Ephesians Sit, Walk, Stand Pt #1

What better example than Ananias. Ananias is in Damascus where many Christians have fled following heavy persecution in Jerusalem led by a zealous Jew named Saul of Tarsus.

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Now the Christian community in Damascus is trembling in fear because this same man is coming to Damascus with a full Roman legion. His intentions are to destroy the Christian community. When we pick up the story we find Ananias deep in prayer. Ananias's walk took him someplace very uncomfortable, in fact somewhere very dangerous. Did he even dare to tell any of his Christian brothers for fear that they would stop him?

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  • We know this story because it is key to one of the most powerful events in the Book of Acts. But what if Ananias chose to ignore the voice? What if he went to get bad advice from other Christians? Where there others that God spoke to first, but chose not to go? Where are they now?

    25 Quotes from Sit, Walk, Stand - We Are Vessels of Mercy

    While our walk may at first be nothing more than a cleaned up version of the life we had before, God wants to lead you to new places. Look carefully at Ananias: 1.


    He was in prayer. He was seeking God. When God said to go, he hesitated, he appealed to God, but when God told him again to go, Ananias trusted God and went. We can praise the faith of Ananias now, years later, because he baptised the finest of all the warriors for Christ that day. At one point Chris, my pastor, and I differed on an important issue that required a great deal of deliberation. I didn't think that Chris was right.

    In fact, I thought his council to be un-Biblical.

    I took the issue to God and wrestled it out, until I felt God wanted me to comply. I still wasn't sure if God was endorsing the council or simply promising to make it all right. God gave me assurance of His presence and there I was, loudly praising Him right there in my car. The unexpected happens with God. The closer together our sitting and our walking become, the more specifically God can direct our steps. The closer our steps match God's call, the more fruitful we will be. The more fruitful we are, the greater our reward. But nothing happens unless, we press into the presence of the living Lord and tailor our walk through this world according to His direction.

    There are far too many people in this world who act the part of Christians, who imitate the sons of God. But road onward is so littered with failures at the highest levels that it is clear that we must continue to seek permanence in our position on the other side of the cross. This brings us to the final point. As much as we desire to solidify our place with the resurrected Lord Jesus, there is an adversary whose desire is to pull us away.

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    At this point, your usefulness as a soldier for the Lord begins to expand exponentially. All those things that were in your heart to do way back when are possible if they are still desirable. At this point, your walk begins to carry you deeper and deeper into enemy territory. For that, you will need the whole armour of God. N ow we stand. The word here in the Greek, hiseimi , is a prolonged or more forceful use of the primary word for stand. The meaning is to firmly establish, to hold or sustain the authority or force of something. When you walk, established in the Spirit, the enemy will come.

    He will try to knock you down. Why are we not attacking the devil? Admit it, I am not the only one thinking this way, are we not taking back the land? The point that Paul has been making is that when we place ourselves in Christ, the death, burial and resurrection are yours, you are the land, and the taking was done two-thousand years ago. The devil is trying to knock you back out of the Kingdom before you are firmly established.

    Jesus has already taken the ground and Satan has lost. The glory belongs to Him. Your part is to defend a patch of that ground through the weapons which He will provide. When you struggle as if the devil has the all the rights, and you are trying to take them away, you are trying to fight the battle that Jesus already won, as if Jesus failed.

    This is the precise belief I was taught literally , and why I struggled so hard and so fruitlessly. Jesus is the Victor!