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Popular Christmas carols, traditions and our world wide Christmas tree contest!

One of them is The Integrated Meditation Course: a way to unite the corporal in our communication with God. Rueda lives in Quito, Ecuador.

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He believes that the bad things that happen in this era are so deep rooted that it will take a truly conscious change withing ourselves to make life better. The only way to do this is through meditation. Send product literature Send company literature Have a salesperson contact me. Illustrations Music Ordering Information. Includes a CD with "Las posadas" along with many other favorite Christmas carols. Complete with English and Spanish translations. The Lyrics are included so your entire family can sing along.

Nine days of prayers before Christmas with beautiful illustrations. Learn Christmas traditions from 25 Latin American Countries. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to set up scholarship funds for Latin American children. Priority Mail 2 -3 days.


Send mail to charitocw aol. All rights reserved. The Holy Spirit is burning with desire to present to the light of day that beautiful Holy Humanity that He Himself formed with such special and divine care. Follow Prayers as in First Day… Eighth Day O Most Gracious God of infinite love… Meditation Joseph and Mary arrive in Bethlehem, seeking a place at the inns, but nothing was to be found as all were full, and they were rejected because of their poverty.

However, nothing can disturb the inner peace of those who are steadfast in the Lord.

La Novena de Navidad

If Joseph felt any sadness in the rejection from inn to inn thinking of the discomfort of Mary and the Child, then his sadness was relieved with holy peace when he fixed his eyes upon his chaste wife. The Child, although yet unborn, delighted in these rejections which were a prelude of His future humiliations. The sound of every slammed door shut before them was a sweet melody to His ears. This is what He came to look for. The desire of those humiliations was what made Him want to take human form.

Oh Divine Child of Bethlehem! These days in which so many of us have spent in parties or other entertainments, or relaxing comfortably in luxurious and rich mansions, have been for your parents days of fatigue and discomfort of all kinds.

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The spirit of Bethlehem is that of a world that has forgotten God. How many times has it also been our spirit! The sun sets on December 24th behind the rooftops of Bethlehem and its final rays gild the tops of steep cliffs that surround them. Rude men roughly elbow the Lord in the streets of the eastern village, and close their doors when they see His mother. The heavens appear purplish above the hills frequented by the shepherds. The stars appear one after the other. In a few more hours, the Eternal Word will appear.

Rejected by men and seeing themselves without shelter, Mary and Joseph have left the inhospitable town, and have taken refuge in a grotto at the foot of a hill. The Queen of Angels continued riding the donkey that had served her during the trip and in the cave they found a gentle ox. The Divine Child, unknown by His human creatures, will have to turn to the aid of the irrational beasts to heat with their warm breath the icy air of that winter night, and they, in turn, show Him with this humble act, the respect and adoration that Bethlehem had denied Him.

It is now midnight, and, suddenly we see within that manger, empty just moments before, the awaited Divine Child, prophesied and longed-for for four thousand years with such ineffable yearnings.

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At His feet the Blessed Mother is prostrate in such a fashion that no one can imagine. Joseph also approaches Him and pays Him homage; and so then commences his mysterious and imponderable role of foster father of the Redeemer of mankind. Summoned by the angels, the shepherds of the region rush to worship the "newborn" and present their humble offerings.

The mysterious Star of Jacob is already shining in the East, and the splendid caravan of the Magi begin their journey to Bethlehem, which in a few days time will come to lay at the feet of the Divine Child, gold, frankincense and myrrh, which are symbols of love, adoration and mortification. Oh, adorable Child! We who have done this Novena to prepare ourselves for the day of your Nativity, also wish to offer you our humble adoration; do not reject it: come to our souls, come to our hearts full of love. Enflame in our hearts the devotion to Your Holy Childhood, not only limited at the time of your Nativity, but always and forever; a devotion that faithfully and zealously propagated will lead us to eternal life, freeing us from sin and sowing in us all Christian virtues.

Follow Prayers as in First Day…. Call on the angels! Especially this day. Call them with kindness! Send them before you in every situation and watch your circumstances improve and problems resolve in ways you could not have imagined.

User mini profile. Tell them to pray to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for peace, since God has entrusted it to her. Saint Jacinta of Fatima. Eternal Father, I offer to Thine honor and glory, for my eternal salvation and for the salvation of the whole world, the mystery of the birth of our Divine Redeemer. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Eternal Father, I offer to Thine honor and glory, for my eternal salvation and for the salvation of the whole world, the sufferings of the most holy Virgin and Saint Joseph on that long and weary journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, and the anguish of their hearts at not finding a place of shelter when the Saviour of the world was about to be born.

Glory be to the Father, etc. Eternal Father, I offer to Thine honor and glory, for my eternal salvation and for the salvation of the whole world, the sufferings of Jesus in the manger where He was born, the cold He suffered, the tears He shed and His tender infant cries.

Celebrate La Novena de Navidad, the Christmas Novena

Eternal Father, I offer to Thine honor and glory, for my eternal salvation and for the salvation of the whole world, the pain which the Divine Child Jesus felt in His tender Body, when He submitted to the rite of circumcision: I offer Thee that Precious Blood which He then first shed for the salvation of all mankind. Eternal Father, I offer to Thine honor and glory, for my eternal salvation and for the salvation of the whole world, the humility, mortification, patience, charity and all the virtues of the Child Jesus; I thank Thee, I love Thee, and I bless Thee infinitely for this ineffable mystery of the Incarnation of the Word of God.

The Word was made flesh; R. And dwelt amongst us. Let us pray. O God, whose only-begotten Son hath appeared in the substance of our flesh; grant, we beseech Thee, that through Him, Whom we acknowledge to have been outwardly like unto us, we may deserve to be renewed in our inward selves. Who liveth and reigneth with Thee for ever and ever. A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful, who devoutly take part in the pious exercises of a public novena before the Feast of Christmas.

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