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World's Largest Spider

In short, we demand unconditional surrender. He is as well prepared for the job as any Iranian. Zarif left Iran at 17 to attend prep school in California. Not even these years of experience, however, prepared him for what he now faces.

Nothing could have. No diplomat in modern history has had to deal with a multi-faceted challenge like this one. If he fails, his country, which has existed for 10 times longer than the United States, could collapse.

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Every serious study of global terrorism in the 21st century concludes that most of the money supporting al-Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, and like-minded gangs comes from Saudi Arabia. No other country, not even Pakistan, has sponsored terror as relentlessly as Saudi Arabia.

The only way to portray Iran as a terrorist state is to define terror as opposing American power. He has already had some success, notably in India, China, Russia, and Turkey.

Giant African Bullfrogs eating everything in sight (including mice)

The most difficult diplomatic nut to crack will be the European Union. Zarif made progress this week.

Goliath review: Wall Street, Main Street … and Warren as McGovern 2.0?

Stoller strafes targets across political and ideological spectrums. In plus pages, he attacks John Kenneth Galbraith and Richard Hofstadter, midth-century liberal academics and icons, for their approval of concentrated economic power. Goliath turns its guns on the McGovern-Fraser Commission, formed by Democrats in the aftermath of their loss to Nixon. As Stoller sees it, the Democrats never fully recovered.

Peruvian farmer wins David-and-Goliath battle against US mining giant

By the numbers, Trump owes his election and the Republican party its survival to white working-class disaffection from what once was the party of FDR. Goliath also does a deep-dive on the rise of what has become known as the Chicago School and market conservatism. Imagine that. He comments favorably on proposals to restrain big tech by two conservatives, Doug Collins, the ranking Republican on the House judiciary committee, and Senator Josh Hawley, formerly attorney general of Missouri. He also calls for the break-up of Amazon, Facebook and Google, to counter the threat he believes they pose to democracy.

Like them or not, the three do own our most personal secrets.

Who's behind the ‘dark money’ bankrolling our politics?

Our data is their property and profit. Based on the election, Stoller may be on to something.

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Zuckerberg stood idly by as Cambridge Analytica pilfered the personal data of Facebook users. It sure seems that way.

Envy in Politics review: why keeping up with the Joneses is a political trump card

Not surprisingly, Facebook has seen its reputation crash. Worse, it is no longer cool. Younger Americans have fled to other social media platforms. As for Amazon, it poses a greater challenge to Stoller and indeed to Trump.