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I thought "Hey! I'll be the only one in here. There were 2 others. First was My girlfriend. Then My own name. Then My girlfriend's brother who happens to be one of my best friends. But there's always one thing that bugged me about this name. It's said the same way it's written. It's phoenetic. I Got it worst in High School my diploma had my name spelled incorrectly.

In any case, I've learned more from this site about my family history then i have from my dead grandparents or from my father.

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But No matter what i still think the Quackenbush name holds more than just whats there. I believe all Quackenbush's are "outside the box" thinkers.

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It would be intersting to see a Family Tree on this site so everyone could trace back to their origins. I am willing to share my info if anyone else is up for it? And if there was a guestbook for members of the family to sign in and leave what ever they wanted to there. Meanings of Names, war stories, political and scientific advancements etc etc etc.

Well Anywhoo We look forward to your knowledge and expertise as we embark on our coffee journey. Charles, Claudia, and Eveann. Hello, I am interested in family history of the Quitman n family. Quackenboss in Schoharie NY. I wonder about their children at least 4, and possible continuation of this branch up to the present time.

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About Frederica E Quitman and hr family, we know quite a lot. Please, can anyone help me?? Dieter Quitmann. Im a big fan of the quackenbush's, have been all my life. We have quite a large crop of people here in the upstate area and love the fact that there are more elsewhere. We are spreading like a grass fire! I jest of course, but that is the quackenbush way. Much love to you all We are not alone. It's great to hear that there are so many people with the same name that appear to be just as proud of their heritage as I am.

I welcome and thank all that that contribute to our history. I never thought I'd have a website devoted to my last name. My ancestry is deep rooted, i see. I remember when i was in elementary school, in our library there was a book by an author named Robert Quackenbush. When you're 6 and you see someone else has the difficult last name to spell, it's rough to comprehend. When i got into middle school, i met two friends named Christina and Nicole who were sisters also with the last name Quackenbush, and their aunt Katherine taught at the school.

I, however, have no relation to them that i know of. I also found out that there was someone going to school only an hour from me that has the same name as me as well.

I was kinda bummed about that. We're getting numerous here in upstate NY.

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Take pride in the name! It's a conversation piece! Wow, a whole site about my last name Anyway, Quackenbush is a cool name, and, as you might not know, some of these people here are my cousins But, I love my last name, even though people sometimes make fun of it Quackenbush shall live on! I visited the HM Quackenbush Co. At the time I was interested in the bicycle, hanging on the wall of their front office. I have two Quackenbush rifles, both are "rim fire" One has the detachable wire stock and the other has a wood stock.

They are not in the best of condition.

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I also have some nut cracker and pick sets -old and late ones. I learned my name was Quckenbush when I was 12 years old and I am very proud of being a Quackenbush who dates back to the original family from Holland. I was born a quackenbush and dont reall kno much about my name and finding out the history of my last name was amazing. Wow, a whole site about my last name. Nver would have thought. Anyway, Quackenbush is a cool name. I love my last name, even though people sometimes make fun of it. Some of them still live there but most moved away.

For my family we live in Buffalo and my grandpa just died in november of Hello to all Quackenbush's..! Fred, from the Vernon county area of Wisconsin Isaac, born in New York. I have gotten into researching the family for the past month and am loving it!

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Is there any other Quackenbush sites also!???? Great to see our heritage carrying on! Heya, Do any of you guyz know " Donovan Quackenbush? The name Quackenbos actually originated about in Oude Ade an small town in the province of Zuid Holland The Netherlands Nederland in Dutch and meant that Jan son of Claes lived near a bos in wich quacken where hunted A quacken is a type of queel about 2 feet tall and nest in trees. Hope this helps, Tony Kwakkenbos. Can you please send me more pictures of the air gun as I might be intersetsed in purchasing that particular item.

I understand the family name is on things from rifles to air hoses. It's pretty amazing. One of the companies my work has a contract with has the name Quackenbush. Didn't realize how common the name was. Just went online and found out there were 2 brothers "bill" and Max Quackenbush that Played for the Boston Bruins in the 40's and 50's.

Both brothers are in the NHL hall of fame. Excellent Site!! I have lived in the Edmonton area all my life 37 Years and for the longest time, my immediate family and I were the only Quackenbushes listed in the directory. It only been in the last year or two that I have noticed a few unfamiliar names. I am searching descendants of this couple, because I'm searching generally for Quitman descendants as a part of our Quitman - family.

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Who knows about Walter Henry Quackenboss and the siblings, and about their children etc? Thanks Dieter. This is news to me. I imagine these areas must have had a concentration of Dutch settlers. In the Albany area it is actually a very well known name. If memory serves, the oldest building in Albany which is the second oldest city in the US after St. It is on Quackenbush Square near the Hudson River.

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It was built in the mid 's. The Quackenbush's were not wealthy but they were patroons or land owners which put them in an upper class. Hello to you all. Our branch of the Quackenbushes came from the Detroit area after they migrated from Canada. Bill's two sisters and his late mom and dad were born in Canada, around London and Strathroy. There are still relatives over there and two of our kids live in the states, one in Nebraska and the other in Florida. Hope to here from one and all. My name is William James Oliver Quackenbush, I was born in Welland Ontario, Canada March 20, , I am wondering what the requirements are to be able to view or contact the present occupent s of the Quackenbush Castledo they have an E-mail address?

There is in fact a Quackenbush Lake in Eastern Ontario.